lundi 19 mars 2012

Lotta Olsson

I have been in this business for 25 years . I am lucky enough to know many of my peers and fellow painters, in different countries. Many of them have become friends , very dear friends.
Two of them are special for two reasons:
- they were the first ones to invite me to come teach in their country and consequently upgrade me to the status of "international" teacher ( woww!).
-they live in Sweden and apart from the mountains where I now live , the other place my wife and  I cherish in Europe is their homeland.

They are the "talented swedes", Mats Carlsson and Lotta Olsson.
I have seen them grow as painters and artists ( we have met each year for 13 years ) , I have always loved their style . They are extremely nice people , their work is full of sensitiveness , their skills remarkable and they are sincerely humble. I never get tired of hanging around with them .
Here are examples of Lotta's work ...

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