mercredi 22 février 2012

Paris in black and white.

One of my very best clients owns two hotels in the Quartier Latin, the area I prefer in Paris. I have been working for him for years and already wrote two posts about some paintings I did for him ( "Le Cavalier souriant" and the last picture of "Room with a view").

His wife also owns a hotel . I had done a mural there a few years ago. It was a nice traditionnal parisian hotel, called Riviera, right by the Arc de Triomphe, one of the hearts of Paris.
These clients have become aware that their best investment is in the image they create for their hotel ; it might seem quite obvious but many hotel owners of Paris still have to understand this!
 Hotel Riviera will be renovated , enhanced ,  nice pictures will be taken for the website and even though it is probably two small to become a 'three stars' it will be upgraded and become one of the most charming of the area.
It is also about to be renamed "Riviera-Elysee" and the style will dramatically change.
In the beginning , the theme I had to work on was "XIXth century Paris" but it gradually evolved and the owners asked me to work in a more modern way , to introduce referemces to Paris monuments, to fashion and particularly to Coco Chanel.

Here is what I did.
This is the mural that will be installed in the lobby:

Each of the six floors will have a name like" Louvre", "Eiffel" ...etc. and I have  done a series of drawings that will show the monument whose name is picked up for the storey , combined with some "fashion" sketches and and old illustration that the owner asked me to include in each of these drawings.
Here are a three of these drawings:

The stairwell will show some more "fashion sketches" inspired by Coco Chanel.
I painted them on canvases , theset  will be cut out around the edges and glue up on the walls. Here they are, on the wall of my studio :

And finally, I am also working on a new logo for the hotel is my last version :

4 commentaires:

  1. I still see your quick, light handed style in these. I love seeing Coco as a main theme. I REALLY love the logo! I hope the final result is very similar to this!I am planning to visit Paris next year, hope to see some of your work.

  2. Yes Theresa, it was fun to do. Thank you for your comment. Coco Chanel is a beautiful subject to work on,her elegance is very inspiring.
    I think that we will stay close to that last veriosn of the logo but as the new name of the hotel as yet to be clearly determined it might change...we will see.

  3. I love the chic, fashion illustration look you have created here, and it is also somewhat nostalgic. For a visitor this is exactly what we think of when we think of Paris. When I was young (and very thin) I used to wear many strands of faux pearls around my neck as a tribute to Coco Chanel. Her style was indeed inspiring.

  4. Thank you for your comments Lynne. Yes, a little nostalgic probably but "so Chic!" and Paris still seems to be one ot the hot places for fashion...well, as far as I know , I am not a specialist and never showed up by the runways:)