vendredi 20 mai 2011

Memories of Farnesina.

I have a fascination for Rome ( not very original, right). We visited Villa Farnesina twice , spend as much time as we could inside despite the heat of the roman summer and tried to take pictures despite the interdiction. Being a decorative painter I think all these frescoes are "my" heritage and I have a right to take pictures for my professional use and my growth as an art person.
A few years after a client called me for two panels in his home ...he wanted two female figures illustrating Summer and Autumn . I guess these were the periods of the year he preferred.
I worked in the studio and drove to his home , in Provence.

This was the end of February , the wind had been blowing hard for a few days , the sky was as transparent as crystal and the light as strong as it can get in those places, in the middle of the winter.

I had picked up two figures by Raphael, from the Villa Farnesina's gallery ceilings.
The house is one of these large estates where they had vineyards and olive groves. It was in state of total decay and got bought by some Provence lovers coming from german switzerland.
The interior is vast  and it still has the severe and rustic "grandeur" of these family homes.

We had brought the canvases rolled  up and mounted them on stretcher bars on site. We did in the backyard, under the sun, it took the whole afternoon.

I love all seasons but  I had a preference for the Autumn painting...

When we left the night had come but we had bright memories of this afternoon in Provence.

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  1. These are wonderful Pascal. I love the composition! They complement the height of the space they occupy. Sigh....I live in the wrong country! Would love to visit Villa Fiorentina! We will sit on your cassapanca and talk about all of this one day!

  2. Thank Theresa...I like doing paintings for places like this,of course.
    We will talk about all this on the casapanca, yes.

  3. "Being a decorative painter I think all these frescoes are "my" heritage and I have a right to take pictures for my professional use and my growth as an art person."
    by stealth or by brazen audaciousness! in this case the end more than justifies the means.

  4. Yes ,my heritage as it is yours and the one of all the people like us who make a living on putting their art to the service of commissioners.
    We have a right to make and use images of all the painted walls of the world because, without us, this art would be in an even worse shape than it is now.
    I understand that it is not possible to be allowed to use your camera in all museums, castles and villas ...but when I visit these places I am not a tourist , I am a student and a what a student does is to learn, by all means :-)

  5. Lynne, I also was caught up in these words! I agree Pascal, we are not tourists but students. I always try to take photos, even when not permitted! ;)

  6. When I read Lynne's reaction I had the feeling that my english was not perfectly or accurately expressing my thoughts but I guess that it is clear now ...if I sound stupid it is my english, not me ;)
    Now, it is just an opinion...

  7. Hello,

    I'm your newest follower, Your blog is just perfect.

    Greetings from Belgium

  8. How wonderful to not only do the beautiful artwork you do but in such an amazing location!

    Your work and pictures are always a joy to see. Thank you.