lundi 3 janvier 2011


I created the first version of this painting for Maison & Objet a year and a half ago and sold it.
I called it "Liz" as the center os actually a detail (blown up many times) of a portrait of Elisabeth d'Autriche by  Clouet , one of the best painters of french Renaissance.
I put it on my website and it was picked by one of the french designers I work for (Martine di  Matteo , owner of ComceptM) last spring for the decoration of one of the many  appartments she renovates and decorates in the "Marais" in Paris.

An old door typical of this XVIIth century area, right next to the jobsite.

I made the new version slitghtly bigger than the original ( 150x150 instead of 130x130cm) and painted it with the same mix of casein for ornament / oils for the hand and jewellery.

I particularly liked the fact that Martine picked up a "big" painting for a "small" room. Instead of dwarfing the room it gives it a very special character.

I changed the colors of the central "motif"in order to harmonize them with the curtains and cushions of the bedroom.

3 commentaires:

  1. This is fabulous Pascal! I too, love the "big" painting in a small room. It is a wonderful piece.

  2. the big painting in the small room, the big detail of a small painting....

  3. You definitely have an eye Lynne...