dimanche 2 janvier 2011

Please have a look.

My friend and colleague Lynne Rutter has been kind enough to publish a post about my book on her blog.
I would like to thank her for this, for her kind ( and flattering) words.
She is one of the best decorative painters out there, with a sharp eye, a perfect taste. I like the way she writes, her irony and humor. She sent me a bunch of questions and I answered as if I was talking to her.
She has also corrected my english . I like reading good english , even more so when I can pretend it is mine.
Please have a look : http://www.ornamentalist.net/2010/12/pascal-amblard-demeures-peintes.html

Detail of a painting featuring in the "Gallery" section of "Demeures Peintes"

4 commentaires:

  1. Hello Pascal,
    I already had the pleasure of reading Lynne's blog, after which I ordered my copy from Pierre. Cannot wait to receive it.


  2. That's from "Pierre", not Peter. The translator app is goofing off!

  3. Pascal: I read about your book coming out on Lynne's blog and I met you at PDPA in Golden. I am new to the field and I have just begun to follow your gorgeous work, I will continue to follow your blog as well. Will you be teaching in the US any time soon?

  4. if you are wondering who comes to this blog every day and looks at this post and blushes a little, it's me.