dimanche 21 décembre 2014

Toulouse Lautrec for Hôtel St Jacques.

Hotel St Jacques, located between Pantheon and Notre-Dame is one of my oldest clients.
I did the first mural for them in 1994, in the reception.
This year, 20 years after (!) , we removed that canvas and I painted another one...dedicated to Toulouse-Lautrec.

I created a view that mixes different paitnings and models of the painter as well as a portrait of him, seated as if he were drinking an "absinthe" at the bar...

Toulouse-Lautrec really was a fantastic painter and it was a great pleasure to try and walk in his footprints.

4 commentaires:

  1. So charming and colorful! And I think M. Lautrec looks a bit like M. Amblard in this case!

  2. C'est la vision cruelle de la fin d'un monde, celui de la belle époque. Tout allait basculer dans l'horreur des tranchées. T. Lautrec en avait-il la prescience ?

  3. Lynne- I agree, I see M. Amblard also in M. Lautrec's portrait. This is a wonderful piece Pascal! So vibrant and such loose brushstrokes. C'est fantastique!

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