lundi 8 juillet 2013

Fresques historiques d'Andelot II. Andelot historical murals II.

Here is now the only indoor murals of this project.
This wall in the town hall's entryway was the one that the mayor wanted to decorate initially.
At some point I had planned to paint a different version of the signature of the treatee but finally I decided to use the models I had worked from for the large outdoor mural and to put the focus on the essential elements of this historical event :
_ the territories  : the map
_ the people
_ the names of the kings and queen : Gunthram, Childabar,Brunehild
_ the treaty : as the original document has not bee entirely saved I have copied a XVth century document whose illustration shows the meeting between the two kings. It has been painted for french king Charles VII by Jean Fouquet, one of the first french painters who used the laws of perspective according to the italians painters of early Renaissance.

All the outdoor murals are painted in acrylics ; this one is a "mixed media" painting , the figures are in oils, the rest of the painting in acrylics.

2 commentaires:

  1. When someone is often motive to inspiration (like you) is hard to find new words to express the amazement in who is watching (like me :)).
    What i think is really superb in works like these, is the research (and the goal) of a new way of expression even in the old furrow of the traditional decorative paint and..let me say.. is not common at all!
    Bravissimo Pascal!!!

  2. Grazie mille Stefano , I do appreciate this comment on my work. I can feel that you saw what I did. I do not really know what I am doing ( in terms of "new way of expression"). I am really having a lot of pleasure painting this and I sincerely try to express the heart or the soul of this event. Its human content , the emotions people certainly had when wars and murders where put to an end ...temporarily...but still, this can be said to be one of the first political moves towards our reunion as europeans.
    I am presently onsite, just installed more murals, I will keep posting.
    Thank you very much again.