lundi 18 juillet 2011

Work in progress.

A work in progress is sometimes ( often?) more fascinating than a completed or finished piece. I suppose it comes from the fact that at some point , things are coming to life , they are fresh and full of energy. They are a vibrant expression of something happening in front of your eyes.
When this magic moment materializes ( it does not always, it depends on what you paint) I grab my camera and I take a picture.
Here are some of these fleating moments I captured.
Most of these paintings are copies or interpretations of the "Tiepolos" ( Giambattista ,the father, and Giandomenico ,the son).
I am presently painting a ceiling with a whole bunch of figures of Tiepolo and I still enjoy learning to see through the eyes of such inspired and dedicated painters.

9 commentaires:

  1. To be honest, this stage enthralls me more than the finished product. I don't know why.
    Maybe it reveals one's soul a bit more...

    I love the process. I prefer to plant the garden rather than harvest, too.

  2. I too,love this is dramatic to see the three dimensional against the flat page....watching the forms take life through layers of shadow and light. Your work is superb! I caught my breath when I saw the parapluie!

  3. Thank you Ann and Theresa.
    What I love, like you, is the contrast of "finished" against "void".
    Quantum physic says that the void is full of potentialities ( as far as I understand anyway) and I think our joy comes from seeing forms occur from an "empty" background.

  4. This is subject that fascinates me, from small amounts of paint on the palette to something that (seems to) come "alive". Some kind of soul suddenly appears. Maybe the same feeling (but far less in comparison) as when a child is born and a that new person suddenly is present. Suddenly is something there/born... Where did it come from? :)
    Maybe the work in progress show the "birth"?
    Love the "birth" of the horse (last picture)!

    See you in August:)

  5. Oh! This is thrilling to see. I, too, love this stage of a always reminds me of the Italian phrase for "giving birth": per dare all luce...."to give to the light". When one is creating something you are letting light fall upon something not seen before...even if it is a copy of a work by an old master, the new master sees and interprets it differently.

    And, p.s. - I love the Domenico Tiepolo beginnings...I have the book of the Punchinello drawings - one of my most cherished books.

    Pascal, as always, you inspire me.


  6. Quel travail magnifique! Je découvre votre blog et suis sous le charme... je suis fascinée par le travail appliqué sur le plafond...

  7. Matthias,

    I love your comments. This is dead on. There is nothing and then there is something. It seems to come out of the void or emptiness.Is it possible that something comes out of nothing or is it that there is no such thing as "nothing" but only manisfested and unmanitested.
    A work in progress shows both...nothing and something, I guess this is precisely what makes it fascinating.

    Thank you for your nice comments. I did not know about "dare la luce", This perfectly consistent with what I just wrote about Matthias' comments.


    Merci beaucoup pour ce petit message et bienvenue sur mon blog.

  8. Hi Pascal ! Love your colors and everything ! Thanks so much for this "work in progress", kind of a secret entrance to an artist's creating soul ...