dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Crazy french ...

This  post is about painting for fun.
Painting on pieces of cardboard boxes taped up together ...cheap.


The subject is also cheap but mythical in France, the famous 2CV of Citroen, the most popular french car ever...


I cannot tell if this was because of the nice red wine we had for lunch but we started getting really creative in the afternoon , Pascale, my wife suggested the old kitch wallpaper stuff and Pierre Aucante ( the guy holding the animal's head , photographer, writer and  museographer ) went into the attic and deciced to find a way of including his trophy in the painting ...

As we were having fun some other people were also very creative ...

This whole thing was in fact because of the yearly international gathering of 2 CV people in a nearby city.
For this unique occasion, the museum had exhibited two picturesque specimen of the french iconic automotive.

Here is the "painting" installed in the Museum of poaching ...this place is a lot of fun, we have done other paintings for them, I will post about them too...

5 commentaires:

  1. oh! that is really fun! there really is nothing like the 2CV

  2. Now that was a worthwhile pursuit. Absolutely marvelous and looks as though it was great fun to produce!

  3. Thank you Clara,

    Yes, this was pure fun ...as we did this for free there was no pressure at all and creativity was simply let loose. We just tried to make this fun for the visitors of the museum and "in tune" with Pierre Aucante's wishes ( he is the museographer of this marvellous and unique place).

  4. Love this project. Finding a way to add the boars head was inspired.

  5. I think this baor head makes it all happen. Without it we would have lost most of originality of this little piece of amusement!