mercredi 23 février 2011

Treelogy III

Here is the last act of this mediterraneen triptych, the cypresses. Perfect counterpoint ot the   gray fuzziness of the live trees, to the aristocratic elegance of the pines , their dark fingers point in the direction of the sky...


"Escalier d'Este" (230x75cm casein on canvas, after E.Roesler Franz)

"Grand Tivoli" (230x140cm,casein on canvas,after E.Roesler Franz)

Detail of "Grand Tivoli"

"Fontaine d'Este" (230x75cm,casein on canvas)

"Villa Malta" (50x50cm casein on canvas, after Lord Leighton)

"Tuscania" (50x50cm, casein on canvas)

No title, this is a prototype of decorative panel;I did a coupe like this but did not continue in this style.

"Sera" (approx.40x60cm,acrylic on board)

"Umbria" (50x50cm,casein on canvas)

"Siena" (approx.40x60cm,casein on canvas)

A cypress in the Alpilles (Provence) that I used last year as a class support.

A view of the classroom at Palm Fine Arts, Sweden.

Close up in the top of the tree (acrylic on canvas)

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