dimanche 21 décembre 2014

Mountain grisailles

Here are a few more paintings I did quite recently for Au Soli, in Megeve.
I just love this "vintage" mountain feel and paintings those subjects truly is a pleasure.

We were in Megeve this afternoon and noticed that clothing fashion is quite in the same mood.
Old mountain boots are imitated and even the famous "fuseau" by Allard is available again.
It seems that these decades ( between 30s and 60s) really captured the essence of what being in the mountains means.

A mix inspired by two pictures of famous photographer Georges Tairraz

An inspiring view of a mountaineer contemplating Matterhorn on the italian side.

Inspired by an illustration of Armand Vallee

Also inspired by Armand Vallee

An old guide, of Chamonix probably .

Charming skier ...a mon was by her side but she looks better on her own...

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