jeudi 20 juin 2013

Maison et Objet . January .

I am presently exhibiting 10 mn from home, at SIIAM Megeve...and this made me think of writing a short post about my previous exhibition : Maison et Objet, last January.

Each show gives me the opportunity to create a new collection . I usually have a couple of pieces that did not sell during the previous show but I seldom show them again. My big pleasure is to research and explore new themes. Each time I am in "collection creation" mode I dream I had a huge booth and enough time to fill it up with all the ideas I have ...but maybe it is better I have a rather small one , all ideas are not good and viewers could be totally confused by my eclectic tastes !

Here is what I hung on the walls :

Anis 110x200cm

A green/gray version of a Watteau ornament.

Cavale 150x220 cm

A mix of two famous horse studies of the great Leonardo.

Coin de Feuilles 92x70 cm

Just a branch.

Herbier du peintre 100x150 cm

A slightly modified late XIXth century botanical study.

Elegante 120x260 cm

Two beautiful figures of Giandomenico Tiepolo in black and white.

Lady Jane 75x55 cm

A copy of a Thomas Lawrence portrait.

Leo 115x180 cm

Leonardo again and Leo Fender !

Les Rayures 140x145 cm

Watteau always ...the original is a girl, I made it look like a boy.

Lion rouge 35x110 cm

A horizontal ornament that I modified so that it works vertically.

Rêve de Jardin 140x145 cm

From a XVIth century garden plan 

Here is what the  booth looked like :

Derived from A.Jacobsen's chairs, I got those at the flea market for 5€ a piece, painted them black and added wings on the back.

8 commentaires:

  1. another elegant display. And I ador the color combination of the first image- the citrus and silver together (and this looks marvelous on the grey walls of your booth) I hope the show was a big success for you

  2. Thank you very much Lynne . Yes, despite snow storms on Paris and very disturbed traffic , the show was very successful.

  3. Beautiful selection, at once antique and contemporary.

  4. Thank you Scott. I am indeed trying to mix or balance classical and modern ; I wish my clients put my paintings in very different interiors ...and , from the feedback I get, I feel this is exactly what they do. I think I will continue in this direction , it corresponds to what I like personally , Mozart and Led Zeppelin!

  5. Ah, Pascal - this is a fabulous collection of your work. "Just a Branch" is just lovely! The wings on the chairs are my favorite thing.

  6. Another beautiful gathering of your work. My favorite is the Lion rouge and the angel wing chairs are brilliant!

  7. Thank you Scooter, "Just a branch" was bought by a client of mine who liked the simplicity of the design, this was one of my favorite pieces too.

    Hello Theresa, thank you very much for your comments; Lion rouge has a little bit of a "german baroque" feel that I love too. People did not really looked at the chairs, I think their attention was really focused on the paintings!

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