samedi 17 décembre 2011

Tribute to " En passant par la demeure"

The book " En passant par la demeure", written by the designer Jean-Loup Daraux has, because of the talent and creativity of its author been very influential in the french taste for decoration in these past ten years.
The title of my own book "Demeures peintes" respectfully refers to it by the  use of this same word, "demeure" which means mansion or "family house" but also suggests  refinement , peacefulness and time enduring values.
My client is a fan of Daraux's book , and I now understand that when she and her designer stopped at my booth  on Maison et Objet in Paris they immediately knew that I would be able to paint in the same style or spirit .

On our first meeting in her home, a charming early XVIIIth century castle of the east of the country...

The huge cedar in the garden has been planted by the first owners, around 1730!!!
 ...she asked me to use one of the paintings of "En passant par la demeure" as a model. I was glad to follow such a lovely example. Furthermore, some of the paintings in this book have been done by my friend Jean Carrau, now a designer himself , based in New Rochelle and for whom I often paint murals and ornaments.

The design chosen looks relatively simple but is in fact extremely delicate and perfectly appropriate for the master bedroom. I made a sketch for the color scheme and it happened to be almost in the same harmony as one of the watercolors the owners had brought in this place. This old plate has been our guideline for  color mixes.

The old cupboard will be moved to some other room of the castle and a new one has been designed and basecoated ready for a little bit of decoration...I will be back on the job site for this just before Xmas.

  In the medallions we decided to illustrate music, hunting and vineyards/wine, all themes that are  of importance in my client's life.

3 commentaires:

  1. Stunning. As usual!

    Funny how "simple" designs are always anything but simple.

    Pascal, I admire how you truly listen to your clients and include them in the decision process.

  2. Pascal,
    Perfection!! Love love love this!!And yes I know the books of Jean-Loup Daraux. Your client must be thrilled to have met you!!
    What a wonderful job you have Pascal!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    PS I do hope you will post more pictures of this castle and your work in it!

  3. Ann,
    Thank you for your compliments. Indeed, I think that the relationship with the client is a decisive element in the success of a commission. I never impose my vision , I try to adapt, advise and convince if necessary.
    I appreciate your compliment. This type of work, despite the apparent simplicity, is hard and stressful in the beginning , but towards the end, things fall into place and it is really nice.
    I guess I will keep working for these clients and sure will post more pictures.