vendredi 18 novembre 2011

A show in Provence

My first personnal show , as a decorative painter, took place a couple of years ago , in Uzes.
Uzes is a gorgeous small city located at the confine of Languedoc and Provence.

The show had been organized by two art agents, Francoise Kerjean-Benaksas and Katherine Poulachon, in one of the XVIIth century mansions of the center of the town, l'Hôtel des Consuls.

The place is used for art shows but has been left "dans son jus" as we say in french ( untouched , as it was decades ago) and my paintings had been very harmoniously installed in this place of great character...

...cut off canvases that I created for a booth at Maison&Objet had been used to decorate the doors to the rooms...

and I had installed a temporary studio in the attic for some last minute touch-ups ...what a place!

Francoise has organized another show in the same location this year. My paintings were exhibited with the exceptionnal pieces of furniture and chandeliers of Pur Lustre, the whole thing was brilliantly showcased by  interior designer Richard Goullet...I will post pics one of these days...

10 commentaires:

  1. Your work is extremely impressive - I love Uzes, such a delightful little town, and what a wonderful setting for your decorative paintings.

  2. Looks like a glorious show that I wish I could have attended!

  3. Yes, Uzes seems to have exactly the right "mood" for such shows.
    It is actually one of the very few places in France with a genuine tradition for painted furniture.

  4. Fabulous!!!!! I am looking forward to your pictures of the new show!!
    Have a great weekend Pascal!

  5. oh my I could just move into that house. Your work looks lovely there.

  6. Thank you very much Greet. The last show took place this year and we had a young professional photographer do the pictures.
    My next show is scheduled by the end of next year in Brussels, with the same team , Françoise organizes, Richard designs and Pur Lustre and I exhibit.

    I love our new house but I agree with you, this one is pretty cool too!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. At one point, I found it hard to tell where your work ended and the background began. I mean that in the most positive way; what a beautiful setting for your work. Very nice to see them all as a set. Great photography, too. You'd be a wonderful set designer. I wonder if you've ever tried it...

  8. Alan,

    I am really glad you like this. I did not do the set design ( Françoise and Katherine did and it was a nice surprise for me when I arrived for the beginning of the show) but I took the pictures :)

  9. Alan said it all.....hard to tell where your work ended and the background began. It was almost as if you painted these specifically for this setting. As a group, they tell a lovely story. Can't wait to see the next show.

  10. Thank you Theresa. As you say , they tell a story, a silent story and this is exactly where the magic is , in the encounter of the place, the light and the paintings.