lundi 31 octobre 2011

Like an old backdrop.

How can you find an XVIIIth century venitian frescoe in typical Normandy cottage ?
How can you mix two "styles" that are so different without risking a big clash, a big mess.
This is the challenge my last clients proposed me.
They are admirers of XVIIIth century in general and of Tiepolo in particular and I had already painted numerous murals in their previous home, a few years ago.
They have moved, sold their house to a famous rock star and bought a very charming house in Normandy, in the heart of the famous Pays d'Auge.

So, we decided to imagine a story , or to pretend and play like kids do ...let's say that we had found some beautiful painted canvases in an attic, like fragments of  an old theater backdrop, let's say that it was a copy of one of the most famous frescoes of Tiepolo in Palazzo Labia. All these canvases would have almost the right size but not exactly, they would create some kind of continuity, but not really, let's dream... it could look like this...

... and like this...

6 commentaires:

  1. Pascal,
    I believe you are THE master today.

    What a beautiful solution. I'd love to admire it in person. How long did it take you?

  2. hey that came out great! what an interesting juxtaposition. it does look like we stumbled into an old theater, locked up for hundreds of years. what was that last play they acted there?

  3. Brilliant! I love the atmosphere you created and the simplicity (but at the same time the perfection!) with which you have painted the scene.
    My most sincere congratulations Master!

  4. Pourquoi pas ? inattendu,mais convainquant, je souhaiterais vraiment admirer votre travail "de visu"!! par contre moins adepte des pots d'Anduze à l'extérieur!

  5. Thank you for all these compliments .
    I cannot tell if I am a master, the one thing I know though is that I am still a student...It took a few weeks to complete.
    I hope you like the result, thanks for your help :)
    I really appreciate your comment !!
    Les Anduzes sont peints en gris ( la maitresse de masion a un gout exquis et manie aussi pinceaux) et sont en parfaite harmonie avec le gris bleu des photo noir et blanc , malgre son charme, ne permet pas de voir ce genre de petite subtilite...

  6. what a treat to find this post! WOW!!WOW!!! You have such a wonderful "feel" to your brushstrokes!