dimanche 25 septembre 2011

September Collection

Here are a few pictures of my latest booth at Maison et Objet.
This time I had a square space ( it is not always the same size from one show to the other...you just take what they propose) and I chose to leave almost totally opened on one side. I exhibited a mix of ornaments , landscapes anf figures as usual but with a focus on works on paper (5 pieces out of 10, including my little ceiling) and I had a great response from my customers ( the old ones as well as the new ones).
The structure of the booth was extremely simple but quite efficient in terms of presentation of the paintings. 

 I like this old table I found in a flea market just before the show. The 1970's chairs are fun too but I would have preferred to find them in some weird color ... I have told myself, as usual, that next time I would take more time for finding pieces of furniture for the booth but so far I have always done it in a hurry, at the very last minute but I still think I will improve on this...next time ?!

9 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful booth. I'd love to see it and be able to really look at your art... Love the table, like the chairs in grey as they blend with the floor and don't steal any thunder from your work.

  2. THank you Patrick, I am glad you like the chairs too !

  3. what a beautiful assortment. this is a great presentation, too, because it is all about the work. i really like that black panel.

  4. La sobriété de votre "stand" sied merveilleusement à vos oeuvres que j'adore! L'adorable petite table va "juste bien" avec l'ensemble!

  5. All about the work , this is exactly what it is Lynne. The black panel is painted on pages of old books glued up to the canvas. You will probably see it when you come home in a few weeks.

    Pamine , la petite table est maintenant dans l'atelier et se trouve juste sous mon ordinateur... merci pour ce commentaire.

  6. Exquisite. Everything from the ceiling piece to the floor cloths. And yes, my first thought was that the presentation was simply all about the work...your work looks almost suspended in space because of the black floor and the gray ceiling. Well done!

  7. Thank you Cleta , I really wanted the ceiling in particular to be like floating in the air.
    I attached it with very thin wire that I painted dark gray and my bulbs had those little wings...

  8. Stunning! I love the simplicity and how it the scale draws you in to look closer....only to discover the glued pages from books....what a treat! Bravo!

  9. Beautiful Pascal! It reminds me of our meeting at Maison et Objet in January 2010.
    Your work is gorgeous!
    I just subscribed to your blog by email so that I wouldn't miss any of your posts anymore!
    Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée!