dimanche 21 août 2011

Flower power

As I was reading some notes by J.S.Sargent ( one of the painters I admire the most) I noticed that he said that painting flowers was a good exercise.
Exactly what I think too ( moderstly). Fruits are easier to approach , they offer you nice variations of shapes, contrasts and colors and they seem to guide you on a safe path.
Flowers show you their simple beauty but most of them hide traps and unexpected difficulties ...
Here are some I painted these last years.

A rose in my parent's in law's garden ( casein 50x50cm)

Daisies I collected on the road side in the same area ( casein 61x55cm)

Other flowers from the roadside ( casein 92x60cm)
I offered this painting to a person I was lucky enought o meet a couple of times in the Brandywine area.

Sunflowers look at the sun, they seem to look at you and finally they look at the earth.
(acrylic 92x60cm)

Two yellow beauties in Monet's garden in Giverny.
(casein 50x50cm)

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  1. Ohh your paintings are SUBLIME!!!!! Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely message, I have now found your and I am your new and happy follower! Hugs from an old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxxxx

  2. Thank you very much Glenda, it is always a pleasure to receive compliments from someone like you.

    Thank you very much Jennelise, I am glad you like these paintings.