samedi 14 mai 2011

Objects in the sun.

It is really interesting to notice that most large classical compositions painted between the XVIth and XIXth century include a certain number of objects that either make perfect sense in the overall design or are simply used as ornamental elements in some lower corner in the foreground of the painting.
As a muralist, the painting of objects is a field you must try and improve in.
SoI sometimes paint objects and still lifes too.
Here are a few examples of such subjects.

"Classical" still lifes first.

"Black Bowl". Acrylic on board. 45x65cm.

"72%".Acrylic on board. 45x65cm.

This next one is quite different. I had done a whole series of these for some of my exhibitions at Maison & Objet in Paris. The design is different in the sense that there is no perspective at all and that the point is to create a more ornamental or decorative effect as opposed to the realism of the first two paintings.

"Cider Apple".Casein on canvas. 30x45cm.

But in fact I do do not think I am very much of a still life painter.
When I paint objects I need them to be related to a specific place.
This ,for example, was painted in the house where my wife was born.

"Small House".Acrylic on board. 65x45 cm.

And I also like when the objects are related to or located in some sort of landscape...

"A chair in Tuscany". Casein on canvas. 60x92cm.

...or even better for me,... when they are in the sun.

"Old Horses" Acrylic on board. 45x55cm.

"Tin PItcher1" Acrylic on board. 45x55cm.

"Tin pitcherII".Acrylic on board. 45x55cm.

4 commentaires:

  1. Love your paintings!
    Well chosen and 'observed'!
    Bon Weekend,
    Greetings from the Périgord - Southwest France,

  2. Thank you very much Karin. I have been on your blog. Very delicate and inspired , a real pleasure ,congratulations.


  3. I do love small vignettes. My favorite is "small house"....those blues and greens, so much texture and those leaves are wonderful! It seems very intimate in nature, you can feel the connection you have with the house. Wonderful post Pascal!

  4. Beautifully painted. I love the chalky quality of the paint. Kind of reminds me of Chardin crossed with De Chavannes