dimanche 6 mars 2011

Classes. 2011 Program

My teaching schedule is set for this year, here is the program :

I have the pleasure, for the first time, to announce a class in Antwerp, organised by my friends Chantal and Jan of Ideefiks. ( June 2/3/4)  SOLD OUT
I will teach a decorative panel that I had developped for a class at the Mural School three years ago and taught again last year at Nadai Studios.

It is a very "dense" panel for three days but so far most of the students I have had in this class have made it.

In July, I am also invited ,for the first time ,to teach a class at the renowned IDAL convention taking place this year in Hampton,Virginia.(July 20/24)
This is a a two day class during which we will paint a charming landscape inspired from pictures I took in the beautiful village of Menerbes ( Luberon).  SOLD OUT

I will  then, for the 14th time ( my God!!!!)  teach at my friends, Lotta and Mats,  Palm Fine Arts's beautiful studio in Norkopping (Sweden) in August.
We will paint a landscape study during the first day. It will be based on this painting I did a few years ago. This is another Provence village called Bonnieux. I do have a passion for these places and I love painting them again and again...teaching them again and again.

 other view will keep us busy for the rest of the week.

I will then teach in another incredible place in California : Big Oak Arts, owned and run by my friend Sheri Hoeger . Please visit her website and have a look at all the things she and her husband Hugh do. The program will very soon be defined.

Finally Sean Crosby and I plan to teach a class in Florida , at the very end of November . (program and schedule defined soon also). 

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  1. You have a very ambitious schedule! I am envious of the first and third panels. Wonderful work. Bonne chance with the classes.