dimanche 13 février 2011

Treelogy II Pines in paintings

Here are now different examples of pines in some of my paintings. Most of these paintings date back to a few years now. My style evolves and my centers of interest change but anytime I am in the south I still take pictures of these trees , they still fascinate me. The thing is that I have paintes them so often that I now feel closer to them. Paintings them has helped me bridge the gap, reduce this feeling of separation we sometimes sense when we face the mystery of beauty.

"Deux pins". Two pines in Bonnieux, at the very top of the hill where the village is built. (50x150cm,casein on canvas).

'Pincio". The fantastic pines of the gardens of Villa Medici.The garden as we see it now had been planned and developed by Ingres himself. (50x150cm,casein on canvas).

"Forum". Evening light on some of the pines nearby the Forum in Rome. (50x150cm,casein on canvas).

"Lournarin". Detail of a painting of the olive grove near Lourmarin,Luberon. (50x150cm,casein on canvas).

"Jardin de Tivoli". Based on a painting by Fragonard, gardens of the Villa d'Este in Tivoli. ( 80x140cm,casein on canvas).

"Lazio". Pines seen at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome. (50x150cm,casein on canvas).

"Sainte Victoire". Cezanne's mountain in the back...(50x150cm,casein on canvas).

"Pin de Nemi" a view of the Lago di Nemi, south of Rome near Castelgandolfo. (50x150cm,casein on canvas).

"Falaises". Near Oppedes-le-vieux , last village of Luberon on the way to Cavaillon. (50x150cm,casein on canvas).

"Bonnieux".Again, at the very top of the village, the pines are shaped by the north wind, called Mistral in Provence. (60x92cm, acrylic on gessoed board).

No title. Near the Forum, in Rome, pine heaven. (40x60cm, acrylic on gessoed board).

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  1. I love your site, please come visit, lets get to know each other..


  2. amazing how the trees can give a sense of place. "Sainte Victoire" the granite looks a lot like Yosemite, but the trees are different. Come to Yosemite sometime, you will see what I mean!

  3. I love this series you have shared on "les pins". I have always been drawn to the trees in Italy. These show so much variety. Wonderful post!

  4. Thank you all.
    I have been on your blog Yvonne, very nice.
    Lynne, that rock is limestone ; the whole Provence area has this type of rock, beautiful but not as impressive as Yosemite granite.
    Thank you Theresa.